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Training of conductors from the Hauts-de-France region

Formation Direction AFEEV - Pompiers

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The training and qualification of conductors is an essential condition for the development and enhancement of orchestras and tens of thousands of musicians in our region.

As part of a sustained collaboration with the Pas-de-Calais Departmental Conservatories (CRD) and the Regional Federation of Musical Societies Hauts-de-France (FRSM HdF), many orchestras have joined the project and are agreeing to participate and/or dedicate several rehearsals per season to the training of conductors, to welcome them in order to put them in a situation during rehearsals and their concerts. This organized networking allowed Coups de Vents to set up an important training system for wind conductors.

Coups de Vents and its partners (AFEEV), offer training set up for all orchestra leaders and music directors. They are open to beginner students and conductors and/or experienced conductors who want to deepen their conducting skills. The training plan provides a common base with optional and complementary modules, which allow, depending on the needs detected, to assess and approach the training and the orientations desired by the trainees.

Thanks to the financial support of the Pas-de-Calais department and the Hauts-de-France region, and the educational and logistical resources offered by the CRDs, no financial participation is required of the trainees.

The musical content is based mainly on works from the Coups de Vents repertoire.

Follow-up training:

Candidates are selected from the FRSM HdF membership ensembles, and from the Hauts-de-France orchestra network according to a training plan proposed by Coups de Vents and AFEEV and based mainly on the Coups de Vents repertoire.

This training cycle is aimed annually and primarily at 3 delegations from Pas-de-Calais and is as follows:

  • 9 Training Weekends at a rate of 12 hours per Week-End (or about 100 hours of training) are offered in three separate sessions.
  • Presence of aconductor, a qualified international speaker.
  • Presence of an orchestra for situationalities alternating with the work of the scores on table and the optional modules chosen by the trainees.
  • Table work analyses and reads the proposed works from the Coups de Vents collection.
  • Specific approach to the instruments of the windorchestra, organology workshops, brass, woodwind, percussion…


Participation in internships (weekends, time by site: Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday):
Several trainees can then take the training course in the presence of specific speakers. Each course includes theoretical courses, hands-on workshops and application sessions with orchestras or instrumental ensembles.

Participation in weekly orchestral rehearsals (dates agree between conductors and each trainee): each intern is assigned to an orchestra.

AFEEV Formations

Training partners:

The Conservatories with departmental radiation of Arras, Calais and Saint-Omer, and the orchestras of Outreau (Direction Fabrice Gratien) / Neufchâtel-Hardelot (Direction Fabrice Bouchez) / Calonne-Ricouart (Direction Christian Bogaert) / Montigny-en-Gohelle (Direction Olivier Dégardin) / Saint-Omer (Direction Philippe Le Meur) / Ardres (Direction Xavier Pottiez) / Sangatte (Direction Damien Nivalle) / Calais (direction Ludovic Hennequin) Avesnes-sur-Helpe (Direction -Paul Sautier) / Desvres (directed by Pascal Sweat)


This training plan is offered in the form of mandatory, optional and complementary modules.

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