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Concerts At Nausicaa: Tickets Now On Sale

Concerts at Nausicaa: tickets now on sale

OnSunday 18 June at 7.30pm and 9pm, Nausicaa welcomes the Taipei University Orchestra, conducted by Yeh Shu Han, for two exceptional concerts organised in partnership with Coups de Vents.

The setting: the great deep-sea basin and its ballet of rays and sharks!

The musical programme: a selection of works inspired by the ocean, both classical and contemporary, from Debussy to the theme of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, not forgetting some lesser-known pieces from the repertoires of great Chinese composers.

  • Sea of Wisdom by Daisuke Shimizu
  • Songs of the Phoenix for clarinet by Hsu De-Ju, solo clarinet: Lin Siang-l
  • Concertino “Chariot Riding” for Trumpet by Tao Jia-Chou / Yeh Shu Han, solo trumpet: Lu Wei-Chuen
  • Mayila (Sinjiang Folk Songs / Lee Han Wei), Soprano: Chen Se-yu
  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” by Joe Hirosahi /Morita
  • La Mer ” Dialogue du Vent et de la Mer “ by Claude Debussy
  • Pirates of the Caribbean, Main Theme, by Hans Zimmer art.Eric Rozendom

The icing on the cake for Coups de Vents: two of the works featured in the evening’s programme are from our first International Orchestration Competition:

  • Bagatelle n°4 by Camille Saint-Saëns, orchestration by Jean-Pierre Pommier (France, 2nd prize in the competition)
  • Fandango (extract from Danses Espagnoles by Enrique Granados), orchestration by Julio Domingo (Spain, 1st prize in the competition)

Tickets for this extraordinary evening are €25.

Don’t delay in booking your tickets, as capacity is limited.

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